Special Relationships
Ann's Purple Produce
Ann's Purple Produce is a true labor of love created and run by Ann Schauman; a passionate gardener and art educator of 30+ years. The farm specializes in growing an exotic mix of purple plants and produce and caters to a clientele that appreciates a splash of color in their garden salad. Ann donates a portion of her sales to Joining Hearts and Hands.
Over the past four years Ann has worked hard to raise money for children in Africa, through creative art projects working with children in the Rochester School District and the 4-H Farm Friends in Macedon. Ann accompanied us for one week during our January 2009 Kenya Mission trip and delighted many African children with her creative art projects.
Look for Ann at local farm markets: www.brightonfarmersmarket.org/anns-purple-produce
Bella Bead Jewelry by Linda Lawrence
Linda Lawrence is a gifted and well known Rochester glass beadmaker and jewelry designer. Linda’s beautiful pieces have been shown at the Rochester Memorial Art Museum Gift Shop and at a favorite Rochester gift shop – Parkleigh.
Since Joining Hearts and Hands, LTD began in 2005, Linda and her husband Peter have been avid supporters and personally sponsor two of our secondary scholarship students in Kenya. In 2006 Linda designed a beautiful green Joining Hearts and Hands heart pendant and all proceeds were donated to Joining Hearts and Hands.
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In June of 2009 Linda designed a special heart pendant called Hannah Heart in memory of Hannah Congdon and the 5 “angels” during her annual month of giving. Linda sold 40 hearts making a special donation to Joining Hearts and Hands.
Check out Linda’s work at Bella Bead at: www.lindasbellabeads.com
Clawson's Deli
Clawson’s Deli located on Ayrault Road in Fairport has been collecting contributions for Joining Hearts and Hands since 2006. Owner Mike Ronzo and his wife Kerrey have collected and bundled bags of coins donated by the generous customers of Clawson’s Deli. With these donations, Joining Hearts and Hands has been able to construct healthy and dignified student latrines and start business initiatives in areas devastated by poverty in rural western Kenya.
If you haven’t tried a Clawson Deli Breakfast Pizza, you must treat yourself to one! Check out their website, stop by for a deli snack and remember to drop your change into the JHH collection box. Your donations work miracles. clawsonsdelipizza.ebizz.net/index.html
Last Man Standing
Last Man Standing is a group organized by resourceful Andy McDermott. This group pays attention to sports results and at the same time helps Joining Hearts and Hands, LTD build classrooms in Kenya and Tanzania. If you haven’t already enjoyed a Saturday in August at the Fairport Music Fest, you must try to make it next year. Along with sponsoring good work in Africa, Andy works to do the same on the local scene. Check out their website: www.fairportmusicfestival.com
Collaboration with Reach The Children
We are working collaboratively with Reach the Children, USA and Reach the Children, Kenya. Reach the Children, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization that provides underprivileged children opportunities for self-reliance by strengthening families and communities of Africa, so they can build a brighter tomorrow.
Reach the Children has native Kenyans on the ground who supervise our projects when we are not in Kenya. They also have a strong relationship with the communities we work with and with the Kenyan government.
Working together with the community leaders, Reach the Children and boards of education of the schools we are aiding, Joining Hearts and Hands will make a strong impact on the lives of children, especially the orphans who have no support systems. Providing a safe and adequate learning environment is a crucial element in this formula. Providing advanced education to children who would never be able to attend school without our support will give them the tools to make important life decisions. With scholarships provided by Joining Hearts and Hands, some children will be able to access better employment, some will be able to pursue college, and some will be able to make decisions about where they can live to seek better employment.

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