Projects Completed

Under the direction of William and Joanne Cala, who oversee each and every project, much has been done in a short period of time.

  • Providing over 200 four-year scholarships to 8th grade (Standard 8) young people from Mbaka Oromo Primary School, Lufumbo Primary School, orphan scholars from the Notre Dame Outreach Center in Homa Bay, Timau and Korogwe, Tanzania. Over 80 students have successfully completed 4 years of secondary school in Kenya through Joining Hearts and Hands, Ltd. and now many are on governmental scholarships at university.
  • Providing primary school scholarships to 19 children at Hannah’s Hope, Father Sheffers Boys and St. Theresa’s Asumbi Girls schools.
Usumbara Girls’ HS & Usumbara Early Childhood Montessori School – Korogwe in Tanzania
  • Constructed a three-classroom block for Form 2 High School Classes.  (2008)
  • Initiated a partnership with Nazareth College of Rochester and sent 3 graduate student teachers to teach English at Usumbara Girls’ High School.  (2009)
  • Personally fitted and distributed 100 new pairs of shoes.  (Fall 2009)
  • Constructed a three-classroom block for Form 3 High School Classes (2010)
  • Constructed another three-classroom block for Form 4 High School Classes (2011)
  • Completed a two classroom block with teachers’ room for Form 5 Post High School Studies (2013)
  • Completed a two classroom block for Form 6 (2015)
  • Completed a new Biology Laboratory (2016)
Iranda Primary School – Bukura, Western Province Kenya
  • Re-constructed a three-classroom block  (2007)
  • Constructed 2 new classrooms  (2007)
  • Initiated a Horticulture Income Generating Learning Activity (IGLA)  (2007)
  • Constructed a healthy new school kitchen  (Summer 2009)
  • Constructed 2 new 8 unit student latrines  (Fall 2009)
  • Personally fitted and distributed 265 new pairs of shoes.  (Fall 2009)
Lufumbo Primary School – Bukura, Western Province Kenya
  • Constructed two 8 unit latrines  (2007)
  • Initiated an Income Generating Learning Activity (IGLA) Shiebu Goat Cooperative  (2007)
  • Constructed a 40,000 liter water tank  (2008)
  • Constructed a healthy new school kitchen  (Spring 2009)
  • Reconstructed 4 new large classrooms  (Summer 2009)
  • Personally fitted and distributed 351 new pairs of shoes.  (Fall 2009)
  • Constructed a library, two classrooms, teacher preparation room and administrative offices (2010/2011)
  • Constructed security fencing around entire campus (2015)
  • Brought over 20,000 books from the USA to Lufumbo Library and 14 other schools in Western Kenya (2016)
Mbaka Oromo Primary School – Nyanza Province Kenya
  • Constructed a two-classroom block  (2006)
  • 156 uniforms made for orphans  (2006)
  • Purchased school supplies and learning aids including 450 textbooks  (2006)
  • Construction of tables chairs and desks  (2006)
  • Constructed two 6 unit latrine blocks  (2006)
  • Constructed a 4 classroom block  (2007)
  • Constructing new kitchen  (current)
  • Provided three (3) health clinics at Mbaka Oromo primary school for the 600 students, faculty and school committee (and many villagers!). Hepatitis B vaccines, antibiotics, mosquito nets, full physicals, HIV/AIDS screening, pharmaceuticals and hospital referrals were provided.  (2007)
  • Initiated a Tailoring Income Generating Learning Activity (IGLA)  (2007)
  • Constructed a healthy new school kitchen  (2008)
  • Replenished uniforms for orphans through the MOPS Tailoring IGLA  (2009)
  • Personally fitted and distributed 74 new pairs of shoes.  (Fall 2009)
  • Refurbished two 6 unit latrine blocks for students  (Fall 2012)
  • Constructed a two latrine blocks for teachers  (Fall 2013)
  • Constructed security fencing around entire campus (2015)
Kongasis Christian Education Center – KACECE – Kericho, Kenya
  • Initiated a Tailoring Income Generating Learning Activity (IGLA) with the Kongasis Women Group  (2008)
  • Constructed healthy new school kitchen  (Summer 2009)
  • Provided solar power to electrify the campus (2010)
  • Through the assistance of the Western Presbyterian Church Community in Palmyra, NY constructed and implemented a water system for whole rural community (2013)
Hannah’s Hope Early Childhood Center – Katito in Nyanza Province, Kenya
  • Constructed a three-classroom block for early childhood classes  (2008)
  • Constructed two 3 unit latrine blocks  (2008)
  • Provided a play ground equipped for early childhood play and exercise.  (2008)
  • Constructed a healthy new school kitchen  (2009)
  • Personally fitted and distributed 53 new pairs of shoes.  (Fall 2009)
  • Katito farmer visitation for best practices at JHH Shiebu Goat Farms in Western.  (Fall 2009)
  • New IGLA dairy goat project under way. Feed crops have been planted and breeding houses have been constructed, training of IGLA members has taken place. Goats purchased in January 2011 (2011)
  • Two additional Classrooms were constructed (2010)
  • A well was dug for Hannah’s Hope and will soon provide water for the school and the compound (2010)
  • Constructed an additional two-classroom block (2012)
  • Refurbished and repainted entire campus (2013)
  • Constructed two water collection tanks for drinking water harvesting (2015)
Christian Women Partners Outreach in Usunge - Nyanza Province, Kenya
  • Provided additional support in terms of tailoring supplies, an iron and ironing board to a Christian Women Partners young women’s group located in Usunge. These young girls are orphans, some HIV positive, some as young as 14 years old, some already with children and without ample means for support. Joining Hearts and Hands plans to work with Christian Women Partners to enrich their opportunity for a healthy future.  (Fall 2009)
  • Two desperately needed wells for clean drinking water were dug in partnership with the Rotary Clubs of Winam Kisumu and Walkill New York (2010)
Orphan Community Outreach Project in Homa Bay, South Shore of Winam Gulf of Lake Victoria - Nyanza Province, Kenya
  • The School Sisters of Notre Dame have initiated a community outreach project for orphan in Homa Bay. Self-sustaining widow’s Income Generating Learning Activity IGLA begins training in January of 2011 (Spring 2011)
  • Joining Hearts and Hands now providing nearly 20 high school scholarships to Homa Bay children
IGLA (Income Generating Learning Activities)*
At each primary school site, an IGLA is formed. An IGLA is a micro-business that is started with the collaboration of teachers, community members, school committee members, the head teacher and Joining Hearts and Hands. An IGLA board is elected including two members from all of the above groups (male and females equally represented!). This board becomes the managing “corporation.” Joining Hearts and Hands provides the start-up capital for each micro-business. The IGLA will generally employ a few people and the profits go back into the school community. The IGLA board determines what school projects are funded. The key to IGLA is SELF-SUSTAINABILITY. Upfront training is always required - in group dynamics, proposal writing, IGLA process and implementation responsibilities, marketing, accounting skills, accountability report writing, and specific business/trade skills workshops in animal husbandry, tailoring, horticulture, etc to maximize long term growth, sustainability and success for everyone.
To date, there are five IGLAS:
  • Iranda has established a horticulture IGLA producing vegetables. Their first crop was tomatoes, kale and onions. Their second planting was beans and maize. Profits have purchased school supplies for Iranda orphans. Various community members were trained in business practices and proper farming techniques.  (2007 - 2009)
  • Lufumbo/Iranda has established a dairy goat project. This project involves 40 community members from these two primary schools. Two goat breeding houses have been built, crops planted to feed the goats and all 40 members have been trained on business practices and the skills of raising and breeding dairy goats. Each site has 6 goats that will produce milk that will be sold at market. At the same time, goats will be bred to create additional breeding farms that will support more Kenyans and bring additional capital to the schools. This multi- community group will provide for 12 families and has called itself SHIEBU. SHIEBU is a contraction of the names of the towns where the participants live. In 2009 the project has launched its own 3rd breeding center with a 4th on the way. Membership has expanded to 70 community members  (2007-2009).
  • Mbaka Oromo has created a tailoring IGLA. Several community members were trained in business practices and the craft of tailoring. Sewing machines and supplies have been purchased and the IGLA is located on school premises. Production of school uniforms has been taking place since February, 2008.
  • Katito (Hannah’s Hope) has established a diary-goat project. It is called Friends of Francis Assisi at Katito Parish FFAKAPA (2010).
  • Kongasis Tailoring Project was established (2008)
  • Homa Bay Poultry raising business (2011) Chair and tent rental (2014 & 2015)
Lake View Boda Primary School
  • Constructed three latrine Blocks (2015)
  • Constructed a three-classroom Block (2016)
  • Provided hundreds of books (2016)
Eye Clinics( 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016)
  • Have sponsored and coordinated an annual eye clinic provided nearly 400 cataract surgeries, 1000 pairs of reading glasses, medications and surgeries to nearly 4000 Kenyans.
Mang’uliro Primary School
  • Construction of new student and teacher latrines (2016)
* IGLA Rules and Guidelines

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